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Many Things

To know one thing well is to know only one thing.  There is one thing for sure, in my opinion.  Life is too short to only focus on one thing in it.  That myopic approach leaves so much of the wonders of life unknown.  Why would anyone not want to experience as much of life as possible during the time we are here?  Learn one thing to excellence or many things to good.  I don’t think there should be a debate about the choice.

We’ve all heard it said that many things in life are free.  That right there is reason enough to experience many things rather than only focusing on one thing.

Money is no object when things are free.  It’s just a matter of overcoming our lethargy or fear of the unknown to experience so many things in life.  It makes for a richer experience!

These few thoughts on the value of learning many things during your life are free.  Your taking action on them costs you nothing but buys you many things.

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