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Master It

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0414033_20130313-204854_1To paraphrase a comment made several years ago by a former President, it depends upon what the definition of “it” is.  The “it” I’m talking about is debilitating if it becomes overwhelming.  “It” can destroy the best of intentions.  “It” can render people speechless, useless and pointless.

So what is this “it?”  “It” is fear.    Now, of course there are some forms of fear that can be very useful.  Some examples:  Fear of the danger associated with texting while driving.  Fear of having a driving accident because of exceeding a prudent speed on the highway.  Fear of attack by a lurking wild animal of some sort.  Fears of that sort save us from unnecessary risk and the negative results of not having fear in those situations.

But, fear born only of discomfort with the unknown can be the debilitating fear.  Some examples:  Fear of not knowing what people might think if you were to actually sing out loud in church.  Fear of the outcome if you were to ask for a raise or promotion at work.  Fear of the reaction if you were to ask that special person to marry you.  If we really worked at it we could list hundreds of examples of such fears.

Those fears suck the life out of your very soul.  They lessen the quality of your life and create stress that is totally unnecessary.  Yet, too often, we allow them to control us.  Here’s one thought on how to mitigate that challenge as expressed by Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Courage faces fear and thereby masters it.”

Become your own master…have courage in all things.

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