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A powerful word…mastery.  It connotes such overwhelming strength or control over something or somebody.  It’s such a powerful connotation that I’m moved to use it in the context of my blog posts.  It is my goal to have such mastery of the written word that I move you to take some positive action in your life or to, just generally, look at things from a more positive bent.

Okay, so that’s my thought on the importance of the word mastery to me.  But, let’s think about you for a moment.  Over what do you want complete mastery?  Figure that out first, then consider the following thoughts as to how you get there.

You can have soul and still not have complete mastery over something.  You can have incredible mental or physical strength and still not have complete mastery over something.  That makes it all sound rather futile, doesn’t it?

Put it all together, though, and you can achieve mastery over anything.  By that I mean, mastery never comes through partial commitment or application of your knowledge and skills.  It only comes through you giving all of you to all of that which you want.

Master that and you achieve mastery!

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