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Meaning To An End

Here we all are…Traipsing through life as if there was no tomorrow and no end.  We blithely wander through our days searching for something more and wondering where it is.  There is little sense of urgency because there is always tomorrow to make up for lost time and opportunity.

Wrong again!  We all come to the same end and it is not known as to exactly when.  As they say, there is no escape from this life alive.  The important thing is making sure we have maximized the meaning to an end.  By that I mean, when the end of our life does come will it have meaning in terms of its impact on this world and the people around each of us.

Putting this in the first person, the only way you can distinguish yourself and the life you have led is in the grimy, little details of each of your days.  It’s not about waiting until your life is over to add up the total score concerning your contributions.  It’s about your little additions each day that sum up to a life of significance.

That’s how you give meaning to an end!

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