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Mentality of a Mosquito

b2ap3_thumbnail_Tall-and-ShortPesky little beggars, don’t you think?  I don’t think there is much of anything as annoying as a mosquito that is hell bent on taking a bite out of me.  You, too?  The only thing that might be debated in this paragraph is the presumption that mosquitos are little.  Those of you who live in northern reaches of the world know they can seem as big as moths!

Regardless of the debate about size, it’s the mentality exhibited by mosquitos that interests me regarding this post.  You know it’s true.  When they get their heart set on tapping at least a drop of your blood, it’s going to happen.  Of course you can use various insect repellents to ward them off but even then sometimes they don’t seem to help.

Mosquitos…little things with a big drive to succeed, as they define it.  Success is theirs most of the time.  Is that true for you?  If it isn’t, contrast your mentality to that of the mosquito.

The only thing stopping you from the same degree of success as the mosquito is your attitude.  You can be small like the mosquito by almost any definition except in the mentality with which you attack your challenges and opportunities in life.  Success has nothing to do with your physical stature but it has everything to do with your state of mind.

Think with the persistence of a little mosquito and you will achieve all the big things that you desire.

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