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Metaphoric Moon

I’m reminded of a thought I had recently. It was just before
dawn…the sky was brilliantly clear… and in the west hung a just
past full but still huge moon. I was out on the street taking my
morning jog.

I can tell you the next several moments were all one’s of gratitude for
the opportunity to see the beauty of the moonlit sky and for the health
that would allow me a vigorous morning exercise regimen. Frankly, it
doesn’t get much better than that. It was simple. It was special. It
was magical. It was awareness of my good fortune. It was a breath of fresh air. It was experiencing the wonder of life.

It reminded me of a thought that I express in my book that is a key
thought driving the content of one of the chapters. The thought is:
“Just as the light of a full moon pushes back the darkness and reveals
a shimmering lake so each of you can push back the darkened boundaries
of humankind through the light of your dreams.”

What are your dreams? Why are they important to you? How will you determine their priority in your life plan? What will you do to achieve them. How will you measure your progress? What will you do to reward yourself for achieving your dreams? Why do the answers to the foregoing questions matter?

Well, the only answer I can provide you for the seven questions in the previous paragraph is for the last question. The reason the answers to the questions matter is without you having an answer to any one of them, you will not achieve your dreams. Dreams don’t just happen! They are achieved through a passionate focus and hard work. It you craft your answers to the six questions and then act on those answers your dreams will come true.

You will become a metaphoric moon lighting the way to your dreams and the rest of humankind as a result. Be full and bright…hanging in the sky of hope and illuminating the way forward.

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