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Millions Requires a Mindset

b2ap3_thumbnail_00341872You dream about what your life would be like once you have acquired riches.  The problem with that is dreams are a thought and riches require action. Yes, the thought of your dream can drive you to action, if your thought is viscerally connected to your emotions.  But that’s the point…it’s the action that helps you realize the vague thought of a dream.

It is action that creates the inexorable motion called momentum.   To say that another way, momentum is the force caused by the development of something.  Therefore, it is a mindset of momentum that drives you to do the things necessary to acquire riches however you define them.

One challenge to establishing momentum is having the inspiration to want to do so.  In that regard, reflect on a thought from the first paragraph.  Dreams developed with a related deep emotion (visceral) are dreams that have a chance because they are inspired through your emotions.  If you truly want millions, you must possess an inspired mindset or all you have is just a wish.  Wishes don’t come true until they are lifted to the level of an inspiration driven dream.

When you truly are inspired you will have put yourself in a position to overcome another challenge to a momentum driven mindset.  The challenge to which I refer is your willingness to expend the energy to do all that is required to maintain your momentum toward millions.  A wealth of millions doesn’t happen without an inspired, energetic pursuit of them over time.

If you require millions for you to feel you have achieved success, find inspiration; expend energy; and those two things will allow you to establish a permanent mindset of momentum.

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