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Mind Game

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900385803_20130402-143019_1Your life is not an activity taken part in for amusement.  Rather, life is an activity of achievement.  As a result, life is better lived with a purpose than thought of only as a game.  Even so, your score at the end of the “game” will be directly relative to the focus of your purpose.  In fact, the stronger your purpose in life and the clearer your focus the higher your score.

This is clearly why your mind is so important to your level of achievement in life.   Your attention or will to stay focused on your purpose is a key to your greatest level of success.  You are and will be what you think and, then, what you do that relates to what you think.

All of that said; let me say life, on the other hand, can be truly a mind game.  To clarify, life can be played as a game in the sense that the more you play with the thoughts in your mind, the more of your potential will be realized.  Potential is not a static thing…it is a constantly evolving concept based on your level of experiences.  Broaden your experience and the related knowledge gained and you raise your potential.  Act on your potential and you win the game!

I know…I’ve been playing mind games with you.  If you don’t “mind,” may I suggest you play the “game” to win?

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