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Miracles Do Happen

Maybe the title of the post would be better said as:  You Can Make Miracles Happen.  On the other hand, I want to focus on the “do” part of the title and so that’s why it is what it is.  Miracles DO happen.

But, what are you to “do” if you are going to make miracles happen?  Well, I’m sure there’s a million answers to that question.  Neither of us have time to deal with a million answers so let’s focus on just one area.

I believe our greatest potential in life is realized through the way we treat other people.  If you want to get ahead, than be a good head!  All the information on the concept of emotional intelligence would support that last statement.  Be a good person in your interpersonal relationships and you will have good results every time.

Three things you can do to assure that miracles do happen in your relationships with other people.



    • Emphasize kindness in the words you speak.


    • Emphasize kindness in the looks you give.


  • Emphasize kindness in the smiles you share.


Consistently do those three things with all that you meet and you will find that miracles do happen.  That’s a one in a million idea!

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