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Mirror Image

You are a reflection of the light you cast off to the rest of your world.  My presumption in that previous statement being that you are a positive influence on those around you.  That would be a much better contribution than the darkening effect of you being negative all the time.

People are caring but they really don’t want to care so much that they have to take on your burdens in life.  Truth be known…people don’t want to know about your problems ad nauseam.  They’ve got there own!

The whole point is you receive warmth when you give light.  It is your reflection of light that draws people to you.  They want to interact with you because of that light.  Your warm glow draws people in just as a light in the dark pulls in a moth.

When you look in the mirror what is the mirror image you see?  Is it an image of light or dark.  It’s your image.  You can make the choice to turn it on or turn it off.

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