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Mission Impossible Will Not Be Your Mission Accomplished

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0410085_20131027-201234_1Okay…here’s what I’m thinking and it has nothing to do with a big sign on the superstructure of an aircraft carrier.  I’m sure many of you will remember the picture to which I refer.  No.  I’m thinking about what it will take for you to get from here to there.

“There,” is what in strategic planning parlance is a vision.  Your vision would be what you want to be ultimately.  Ultimately is defined as at least five years or more from now.  Your vision of what you want your world to look like in the longer term is important because it is from that mental picture that everything else should be driven.

That said your mission is what you want to be in the near term (inside the next five years).  You ultimately realize your vision through having accomplished a series of missions directed toward the vision.  Your current mission is your current guiding force and you must have defined it clearly enough for you to feel passion for accomplishing the mission.  Using a compass as a metaphor, your current mission is “true north” to reaching your vision.

Now, I said in the title that a mission impossible will not be your mission accomplished.  The natural extension of that thought being if you don’t accomplish your current mission your ultimate vision is definitely in jeopardy.  We can’t have that…now, can we?  So, what do you do to avoid such a situation?

The first thing is as I stated above and that is to have a clearly defined vision for your long term future.  With that guiding light, you must next prioritize your ideas for a series of missions over the near term that will help you stay true to that light.

The second thing you must do to make your mission possible is to define the goals that will get you to the mission.  Following the establishing of goals your next step is to clearly define action steps you will take to reach each goal.  Finally, you must act on your plan!

Of course this is an over-simplification of the strategic planning process.   However, even if you didn’t get more detailed than this outline you will have made it much more possible to not have created a mission impossible.  Clearly, then you will ultimately arrive at mission accomplished and a vision realized.

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