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Mistake Perfect

Ever make a mistake?  Come on!  Be honest.  Yup.  We all have and we all will.

So, what’s the point of trying to avoid them?  Near as I can tell, the answer is that you shouldn’t try to avoid them.  Fact is, if you aren’t making mistakes, you must not be doing anything!  I think it is impossible to live a fulfilling life without trying things at which you might make a mistake.  Without making mistakes how would you know when you have done something correctly?

I know.  There are bosses, colleagues, friends and family out there who would prefer that you not make any mistakes.  In their limited thinking, they would prefer that your actions be “mistake proof.”  They want perfection not faults.  I say that’s their fault not yours!

It’s not a fault when you make a mistake, if you take responsibility for it; learn from it; move on and don’t make the same mistake again.  Now, that’s being “mistake perfect.”  You’re recognizing your faults and that you’re not perfect and growing through each imperfection.

Make no mistake about that!

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