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Mistakes? Why not?

We all make mistakes.  It’s inevitable, if we are trying to live our lives in any way at all.  No mistakes…probably no life.  So, don’t beat yourself up because you’re not perfect and you make mistakes.  Celebrate your mistakes as confirmation that you are alive and well!

In reality, though, we have to do two things with mistakes.  First, is to try and minimize them so we don’t have to repair the damage they may cause.  Secondly, we have to take our mistakes as an opportunity to learn something…an opportunity to change things in the future based upon things we have learned from our mistakes in the past.

Use the following acronym to manage through your mistakes:

    • M  ake room in your thinking for dealing with mistakes positively.


    • I  nvolve your creativity in minimizing and overcoming mistakes.


    • S  et yourself up for success by expecting you will make mistakes even under the best of circumstances.


    • T  ake heart that you can recover from your mistakes.


    • A  sk for help in avoiding or overcoming mistakes when it’s required.


    • K  eep trying no matter how devastating the impact of a particular mistake.


    • E  xpect to overcome your mistakes.


    • S  ucceed!  It’s the best way to minimize the impact of mistakes in your life.

Mistakes?  Why not?  They are part of your pursuit of success in life!

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