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Morning Sickness

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900384907You know the feeling and, what I’m referring to doesn’t just apply to pregnant women.  I’m talking about a much more pervasive and debilitating form of morning sickness.  This sickness doesn’t just make you feel sick to the stomach.  It, also, makes you feel sick down into the depths of your soul.

Maybe a more detailed description of this form of morning sickness would help to clarify things a little bit.  First, call it Motivational Morning Sickness.  It looks and feels like this:


  • Your first sensation in the morning when you wake up is depression.
  • Your first thought is expressed verbally through a groan of misery.
  • That first thought is one of wanting to deny it’s a new day by pulling the covers over your head and resisting getting out of bed.
  • Your gut feels like a knot and that if you did get up you’d have to run to the bathroom and throw-up.



Sound familiar?  If it does, maybe understanding why you feel that way will help you find the solution to overcoming Motivational Morning Sickness, in your particular situation.  The same reasons for Motivational Morning Sickness exist for everybody afflicted with it.  However, the specific solutions in your case must be identified and acted on by you given your unique situation.



The reasons for Motivational Morning Sickness are:


  • Living a life that has no source of passion in it.
  • Without passion, one has a hard time finding a purpose to their life.
  • With a lack of purpose, comes a poor perception of the potential of a life.
  • If one doesn’t see potential, there is no motivation to perform the act of getting out of bed and living each day with gusto.

To summarize…the overcoming of Motivational Morning Sickness requires:  Passion; Purpose; Perception and Performance.  Get well soon!

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