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b2ap3_thumbnail_028As some of you may know, I love being in the mountains.  In fact, so much so that last summer while in the mountains of Montana I was compelled to buy a particular cap at a gift shop in Big Sky.  The cap reads:  “The mountains are calling and I must go.”

Here’s the ultimate contradiction to my love of the mountains.  I live in Southwest Florida which is totally (and, I mean totally!) flat.  The reason I live here?  While I love the mountains, I absolutely loath cold weather so, I’m a summer mountain kind of person.

With all of that as background, my real point for this post is built around the cliché…Faith can move mountains.  If we all tried hard enough, we could come up with literally thousands of examples of the message in that cliché being demonstrated.  The fact of the validity of that message is not in question, in my opinion.  Truly, if you believe in yourself enough, you can achieve anything that you want!

Here’s the challenge for too many of us.  Instead of moving mountains we create mountains out of molehills.  We parlay little challenges to our goals into insurmountable issues.  In other words, we don’t believe enough in ourselves to overcome our lack of confidence.  Our lack of self-confidence shatters our faith in ourselves.

Your greatest achievements will come because you moved mountains not created them!

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