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Music! Music! Music!

Why do you think Itunes and its related competitors are so ubiquitous in their impact on the human race?  It’s amazing that at anytime, anywhere you can load your favorite music onto your computer or other player and groove!  There is only one reason that is the case…it’s because literally everybody, in some fashion, has an affinity to music of one kind or another.  AND, it has always been thus it seems!

So, what’s the point of this post?  So far, I’ve said absolutely nothing that you don’t already know.  The answer is simple.  Through music you can engage in your life at a totally different level than you would otherwise experience.

Life has a rhythm to it.  Music helps you move with and through that rhythm.  It helps you deal with the situations where the rhythm can be punishing, to say the least.  In those times, force yourself to grab a few minutes with your favorite kind of music.  You will find things will return to a more normal beat very quickly and you will start dancing to that different tune.

If you don’t think so, reflect on the following questions and my answers.  What happens to your thoughts when you hear a favorite song from your youth?  Answer:  You are transported back to that time through those memories.  The music forces you to relive those times through it.  How are you touched by the strains of particularly meaningful songs?  Answer:  Those strains force you to intensely feel the emotions of the moment or moments past.  You laugh, cry, drift in time and thought or feel a myriad of other emotions.  Why has music of all descriptions grown and endured?  Answer:  Because it goes to yours and everybody else’s very soul.  It is timeless.  It is a constant that can be depended on.  It defines and puts clarity to all aspects of this life.

The simplest, most powerful way to help you move your soul in any direction you wish is through Music!  Music!  Music!  So, become not just the listener but the conductor of the music of your life.

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