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Network of One Means You Are Done

b2ap3_thumbnail_00448367_20131217-210321_1You’ve heard it a thousand times or more!  You have to maximize your participation in networking,  if you have even the remotest chance at great success.  The extension of that thought is embodied in the title to this post.  A solitary person can’t self-actualize in this complex world.  Everybody needs help!

Oh…sure!  There will always be those independent thinking types who believe they are “the second coming” and can get it all done on their own.  My question to them is:  Even if you are a great success despite your solitary pursuit, how much more could you be, do or have if you had appropriate help along the way?  Let’s face it!  Even the Lone Ranger had Tonto as a close friend and advisor!

Get over your individualism and reap the rewards of building a network of trusted people to serve, at least, as sounding boards regarding your ideas.  The whole concept of networking is nothing more than the practice of synergy.  You remember that word, right?  Synergy defined:  “Cooperation of two or more people or things to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.”  If that definition doesn’t clearly define the immense benefits of effective networking, I don’t know what does.

Put the whole idea into the perspective of our modern, “connected” world.  Social media sights are as popular as they are because they connect their participants to a community of like-minded individuals.  Those same individuals benefit from the information they receive by being a part of the community.  It’s the embodiment of the old adage:  Training accelerates experience.  Being an active part of a network allows you to learn from the experience of others and dramatically condense the amount of time it would take you to learn the same things on your own.

The bottom-line is you are done if you try to succeed only as one.  Tips on how to build your network are definitely beyond the scope of this post.  Google “how to build a network” and the first five nonpaid results will give you more of those details than you will ever need to know.

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