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Never Compromise

Of course I don’t mean that literally, Silly!  But, I did want to get you thinking about the idea of compromise and its importance to a successful life.

If you’ve ever read anything about the behavioral concept of Emotional Intelligence. then you understand that the idea of compromise has its place in life.  Without going into detail regarding Emotional Intelligence, its essence is having an understanding of how you are reacting emotionally in a given situation and also being aware of how the other person is emotionally engaged.  With that awareness comes the possibility to manage emotions in a way to where the interaction can be a positive and collaborative one.  Accomplishing a positive and collaborative interaction may very well require an attitude of compromise.  So, in that sense compromise is good.

On the other hand, there are some things on which you should never compromise.  Things like your integrity, humanity and basic decency.  Compromise on those and you have lost all of true importance to who you are.  All of who you are is all that you really have, in the final analysis.  Nothing else matters.

Never compromise on that.

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