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Never Perfect

I find the word, perfect, to be one that can lead to frustration too often because of its perceived meaning.  I mean…is anything really free from any flaw?  That’s one definition of the word.  It seems to be so…well…perfect!

In my opinion, the concept of perfect should be strived for in all things but it should not be a surprise if it is not achieved.  Again…when was the last time you saw or heard something that was absolutely free from any flaw?  Probably never!

No, we should all strive for it but not be frustrated when it is not achieved.  It’s the continual striving for it that keeps us interested.  If it were easily achievable, how boring is that?  It’s like what has been said a million times before…It’s the journey not the destination that is important.  The journey is what’s happening.  The destination is what’s happened.  The journey is always about now and the destination is about then.  Once arrived at it’s in the past.

That said, the journey to anywhere is never perfect.  There are always going to be bumps in the road or even barriers.  But, it’s the ideal of striving for perfection that keeps us moving past the bumps and the barriers.

Don’t be frustrated if you’re never perfect!  Perfection should be an ideal not an expectation.

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