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Never Was

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0401361Think about the wonder of it all!  Here you are in the stream of your life.  You could be in the headwaters of that stream; in mid-stream; or, at the mouth to the ocean of eternity.  It doesn’t make any difference where you are in that stream.  Let’s talk about why.

The important thing in every life…yes, even yours…as I said, is not where you are in your stream of life.  The most important thing is not that reality but in forcing yourself to dream of that which never was.  By that I mean, what “is” currently becomes “was” quickly.  But, the ultimate wonder of your life will be not being mired in what was or even in what is but, again, dreaming about what never was.

Love your past (what was).  Enjoy what is (the here and now).  Each of those times are wondrous parts of your life.  But, when you lift yourself past all that to what never was you are becoming all that you can be.

Make it your daily purpose to reach for something…anything…that never was in your life up to this point.  Your life will explode into a raging river of opportunity, as a result.  The volume of that river is only limited by your willingness to dream and drive for what never was.

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