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New View

People do it all the time.  They launch themselves into an exhaustive search for something new in their lives.  The thinking being that if life isn’t good enough as it is then there must be something better out there.  Probably is…but…

What you have probably didn’t come easy.  In fact, it might even have come as downright hard!  So, if you’re one of those people in the middle of a search for something to change where you are or what you have, be warned.  It won’t come easy.  And, that’s probably how it should be because if it were easy, of what value would it be?  For sure, it would probably be of significantly reduced value as compared to something that would be harder to do or acquire.

So, that’s one point…whenever you want to institute a change in your life, prepare to work hard for it.  The difficulty is too many people focus on the search for some vaguely defined, desired change.  One can’t define change without having a clear vision of what that change will look like.

In other words, you don’t achieve change through a focus on the outcome.  You achieve change by improving your focus…your view of how you look at things.  If you look for change with the same old view on life, you will get more of the same.

Change requires a new view.  When you adjust how you see things, you will change your picture of the world.

Don’t try to change your views on everything all at once.  Take one of your views that you believe is holding you back.  Determine why you think the particular view is detrimental to you.  It is in the “why” that the answer to “how” to change your view will become clear.  When you are clear on the answer, practice looking at things with that new view until the view becomes a part of who you are.  Tackle other individual views in a similar manner.

Before you know it you will have a totally new view!

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