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No Exceptions

When it comes to exercising self discipline to achieve your goals in life, there has to be absolutely no exceptions.  There can be no compromises on doing what it takes to realize your dreams and goals.  That may sound harsh and inflexible but it’s a fact.  You can’t bargain for time in life to achieve your goals.  Your time is never guaranteed.  It’s not open to negotiation.  It’s fixed.  You just don’t know how long you have.  You might think you do but you don’t!

As someone once said, “Life is not a dress rehearsal.”  You have to get in role and act like this is always your last chance at an Oscar winning performance.

I admire those who believe in a life in the hereafter but nobody really knows when “after” is “here” whether we really have a chance to live in eternity with peace of mind.  In my way of thinking, the only way to assure that peace of mind is to exercise daily self discipline in maximizing our opportunities in the life of here and now.

In short, it comes down to this.  A life lived by exceptions is a life of misdirections.

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