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No Imitation

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0424380You may share the same feelings as me.  The flavor of anything labeled “imitation” is never anything but a poor imitation, at best!  In fact, I find frequently the imitation doesn’t even remotely taste like the real thing.  It’s awful, as a result!

How about any sort of clothing or equipment that is supposed to be an exact imitation of the real thing?  It may look something like the real thing but underneath it doesn’t even come close.  It proves to be a joke as it begins to fall apart prematurely or whatever.

These “imitation” experiences can give us all pause.  We become reticent to accept anything that isn’t authentic in every aspect.

How about you, as a person?  Are you perceived as the real thing or a very poor imitation of an upstanding, successful human being?

Face this fact…you can’t fake it.  There is no imitation of you.  You are unique in this entire world!  When you try to make yourself out as something other than what you are, in other words become an imitation, all the characteristics of imitations of other things in this world become a part of who you are.

People can literally taste that you aren’t real and it’s an awful taste.  They see you as some kind of joke rather than a good human being with whom they want to associate.  Without a doubt, they become reticent to want to even try to deal with the artificial you.

There is no imitation of you!  Insist on you!  Be you!  Trust you!

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