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No Law Should be Broken Especially This One

b2ap3_thumbnail_00289753It is a simple law with a complexity that makes it hard for too many people to live by.  The world over the complicating factor is the same and so is the result if the factor is not overcome.  When something is so simple it seems totally contradictory its implementation would be so complex and difficult.  However, that is exactly the challenge for far too many people.

What is this simple law?  “The more you give…the more you get.”

See, I told you it was simple!  The complicating factor that makes it so hard for people to live by the law is the natural tendency to want to avoid scarcity.  I didn’t say selfishness.  I said scarcity.  Personally, my belief is the vast majority of people are kind and generous but in the same token protective of their own needs.  People are not given to giving up what’s theirs unconditionally.  They expect something in return.  They don’t want to be left with the scarcity of resources to live their own lives to the fullest.

The challenge is to receive its benefits the simplicity of “The Law” requires an unconditional belief in it.  In short, regardless of temporary scarcity, giving unconditionally pays a multiple in dividends.  Those dividends include peace of mind; fulfillment; and an inevitable and prompt replacement of the resources one has given away.

Need proof?  Just look at the thousands of examples where people have generously stepped in to help others in need after some disaster has happened.  What do you see?  You see those negatively affected by the disaster feeling a sense of appreciation, relief and hope brought about by the generosity.  You don’t see those who have given as being negatively affected by scarcity.  In fact, they experience a tidal wave of other resources flooding into their lives to more than replace those given away.

It’s simple.  Don’t break the law!  Live your life with giving in your heart and your heart will always be full from what you get.

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