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No Mistakes

Wouldn’t it be great to live life without having to deal with mistakes?  Ours or theirs!  Nice thought maybe but shortsighted for sure.

Here’s why I say that.  If perfection were the norm, than life couldn’t be lived.  It would have to be viewed because perfect only lives in the movies.  Interestingly, even in the movies to get something perfect usually requires numerous retakes.

Come on!  Get real!  Everything that happens to you in your life happens for a reason including the mistakes.  Mistakes are the only way to confirm that you are getting something right.  Right can’t happen until wrong defines it.

You want to live your life the right way?  Then, do something wrong and it will help you define what is right for you.  Let me hasten to add by “wrong” I’m not talking in the legal sense but in the “making mistakes” sense.

No mistakes only comes through retakes.  Keep trying and you will get it right!

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