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No, No Is Not Good, Good

Sorry about the redundant words in that title but it just came to me and I liked it for what I’m about to discuss.  It has to do with you and the degree of courage with which you are attacking your life.

Life is about making a series of attempts at moving forward.  It’s a non-stop effort and it’s undeniable.  You can’t stop life anymore than you can stop the passage of time.  It doesn’t take courage on your part to recognize that inevitability.  It only takes common sense.

On the other hand, what does take courage is attempting everyday to do something you fear.  It could be delivering a presentation to a large group of people.  It could be moving on with your life after some terrible misfortune.  Hell, it could be having the courage to call your doctor and arrange for that colonoscopy you have been putting off!

Fear or it’s soulmate, lack of courage, is devastating to reaching the potential higher altitudes of your life.  You lose so much when you fear making an attempt at something.  Life is only at its most exhilarating when your courage outweighs your fears.  Saying, “No! No!” only gets you mediocrity, at best.  You minimize the good in your life and that’s not good enough!

Minimize your fear by focusing on the reward of the good feelings you will experience when you overcome your fears.  Focus on the prize not the pain!

Come on!  Attempt it!  It will be good!  No, no is not an option!

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