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No Substitution

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0399741You can have it all and still have relatively nothing.  Whoa!  That sounds like a huge contradiction.  It’s that contradiction, however, that gets to the heart of my point.

Think about it this way.  You can have an ever broadening base of meaningful knowledge.  Certainly, in this day of open access to the database of the world, lack of knowledge is not really a challenge.  With the stroke of a few keys on your computer you can access the answer to almost anything, if not everything.

Additionally, you can have an ever broadening array of skills.  For clarity, knowledge is the “what” and skills are the “how.”  So, if you know the “what” and you know “how” to apply the knowledge you can have it all…maybe.

But, again, I say, you can have it all and still have relatively nothing.  The truth in that statement comes with the realization that knowledge and skills are only a foundation to achievement in whatever your pursuit.  In the final analysis, however there is no substitution for hard work.

It’s the work you do that gets you what you want.  Your willingness to work…to apply your knowledge and skills…is driven by the depth of your commitment.  Commitment is a substitution for the word, emotion.  There is no substitution for emotion in driving hard work.  Oh, I guess there is.  It’s called passion!

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