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Not A Single Moment

Okay…here we all are.  It’s a brand new year and the second year of a brand new decade.  So, the question is what are you going to do to launch into this new period in your life?

Big question and you better have a fast answer because before you know it another ten years will be gone.  In short, you should not waste a single moment.  Time is fleeting and it doesn’t allow for repeating.  Each moment is magic but each only gives you one opportunity to perform your best trick.  Magic moment lost…the magic of momentum lost!

Use the acronym, MAGIC, as a guide to maintaining your momentum over this new period in your life.

M ake your action plans the compass for your direction.

A ct on every detail of your plans all the time.

G age your progress frequently so you can adjust your plans as needed.

I  mprovise as you go because the reality of changing circumstances will require it.

C  ongratulate yourself as you experience little successes along the way to your big goals.

You should waste not a single moment in implementing the suggestions in this MAGIC guide.

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