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Not All Is As Perceived

Think about the number of times in your life something turned out different than what you thought it would.  Be specific in your thinking.  In other words, clearly recall a number of situations that turned out different than what you thought they were going to.

Now, what are the lessons you learned as a result of each of those situations?  In those lessons, are the answers to many of your questions in life.  Answers with appropriate actions brings solutions.

But, as additional help let’s look a some examples of how not all is as perceived.  Maybe these examples will give you further impetus to shift your thinking from problems to opportunities.  Thinking through the problems to the point where you see the related opportunities is the point where you begin to realize your true potential in life.


    • With every cloud casting its foreboding shadow there is also the potential of life giving rain.


    • The threatening winds of a storm also bring the seeds of renewed plant life.


    • A flood not only inundates…at its passing, it brings about renewal of the soil.


    • The tide slams against the shore but it also cleanses the sands.


    • People can be cruel but their cruelty can serve enlighten the need for change.


  • Life is hard but in overcoming its difficulties comes the ease of good fortune.


See what I mean?  Not all is as perceived and it’s up to you to find the opportunities.

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