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Not Smart Enough

Someone once said:  Ignorance is bliss.  As I understand that statement, it means that what you don’t know is not a source of concern for you.  As someone else once said:  What you don’t know won’t hurt you.  Either statement could possibly be a source of comfort or peace of mind.

But, how about the ultimate lack of peace of mind?  It is the state where you know you could have done more but didn’t.  You gave up rather than keep trying.  Your resulting ignorance as to what you could have accomplished will bore a bleeding ulcer of discontent deep in your gut.  Would that be bliss to you?  I would contend that would be a situation where what you don’t know would definitely hurt you.

Don’t over think it when it comes to realizing your true potential.  Spend more time taking action toward achieving that potential.  Figure out how you would define your ultimate potential…your ultimate success.  Get that picture indelibly etched in your mind.  Then, think about and develop a detailed action plan for getting there.  Finally, go do it!

Think of yourself as being “not smart enough” to know all you can be.  I’m not challenging your intellect here.  I’m tracking with the thinking of the very thoughtful and clever Wisconsin newspaper columnist and editor, Doug Larson.  On this very topic he said:  “Some of the world’s greatest feats were accomplished by people not smart enough to know they were impossible.”

My bet is you’re smart enough to know that you will accomplish impossible things!

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