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Not Years

Why would you want to do something like that?  It’s so fruitless and stress producing.  Last time I looked most of us don’t need more stress in our lives.  Not only that but most of us can’t afford to waste our time over unrewarding efforts.  But, far too many of us make this horrendous mistake.  Again, why would you want to do something like that?

Hold onto your “knickers!”  I’m about to reveal what “that” is.

When you focus on the years ahead with an over emphasis, you won’t be as good as you need to be today.  In other words, as you strive  for your goals (and their scheduled achievement may be years away) place more emphasis on what needs to get done today.  Goals don’t get accomplished yearly.  They get accomplished daily.

It’s the little things that get you the big things.  Let’s say you want to go on an exotic trip to Africa which would include going on as many safaris as your time there would allow.


Let’s further say that the earliest you could schedule that trip is two years from now due to financial and time constraints.

How are you going to assure you will be able to make that trip two years from now?  Well, first is not to think in terms of two years.  Build your plan on the basis of the DAILY steps you need to take between now and then.  Next, be disciplined in acting on each of those steps along the way.

It’s not years to get something…it’s daily actions.

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