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Nothing Equals Zero

We hear it talked about a lot. The potential for this or that. He or she has great potential. The potential is enormous…and on and on!

My point is potential means nothing, potentially. Sound redundant? Not really and here’s why. Let’s take your potential for great success in life as an example for our discussion.

Success as a potential in your life doesn’t equal actually achieving it. It means it’s out there for you to make the choice to pay the necessary price to attain it. But, you must pay that price…period! Let me restate my point to make it absolutely clear. Your potential equals zero…means nothing…unless you constantly work toward it and realize it fully.

So, you see potential equals zero. It’s the working toward realizing your full potential that adds up to something powerful and meaningful in your life. Do you want to add up to something or equal zero? Potentially, it’s your choice!

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