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Nothing Ventured…

Nothing gained, as the saying goes.  For some people, however, venturing into new challenges or opportunities is almost impossible.  They just can’t get out of their comfort zone.  They are frozen in the fear of the unknown.

Shame…because comfort zone is the numbing zone for many.  They listlessly mope through their lives unaware of what they are missing.  BUT, they’re comfortable!

If you want to go through your life totally numb to opportunities that could be yours, so be it.  On the other hand, when at some point you realize the cost of having been numb all your life how dumb will you feel?  And, oh, by the way, by then it may be too late to inject some adrenalin and wake up!

The worst thing you can do with your life is to never take risks.  In fact to turn that thought around, the greatest risk you run in life is not taking risks.  Taking risks is the admission price to life’s greatest rewards.

Nothing always adds up to zero.  Nothing ventured equals zero chance for reward.  Nothing gained equals the status quo at best and similar rewards for sure.  Sounds like a huge risk to me!

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