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Number One or Done

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900385751Lots of people wander through their lives never figuring it out.  They wonder why they aren’t making headway.  Their frustration grows and they increase their momentum toward failure.  It’s pitiful but it’s a fact.

Some of these people have substantial intelligence and have used it to acquire vast knowledge about those things of interest to them.  They can speak chapter and verse on those subjects and can be excellent conversationalists, as a result.  On the other hand, they remain confused about their overall lack of success.

Other people are amazing physical specimens.  They work on their physical strength religiously and put many of the rest of us to shame, at least in that regard.  Let’s face it.  Their doing good things for their physical wellbeing and current science would suggest for their general health.  Yet, overall success in life eludes them.

The number one reason the above two categories of people continue to wander and wonder has nothing to do with their knowledge and physical health.  The number one reason is deeper than either of those two things.  The number one reason is in their heads and hearts. You see, it’s the head and heart that combines to create the human will.

Your will is your number one source for your ultimate success.  Knowledge and physical strength/capacity can play an important part to your success but it’s your will that drives you to apply them in meaningful ways.

In summary, number one…exercise your will or you are done.

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