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“Nuthin’ really.”

Ever been there?  Either you’ve said it or you’ve heard someone else say it.  It’s the non-answer given too many times by too many people.  I believe it’s the answer given by a person who really is not engaged in a dynamic pursuit of maximizing life’s opportunities.  They’re doing “nuthin’ really” with their lives.  They’re in hot pursuit of nuthin’ but disappointment, in my opinion.

Why would someone even want to spend a minute doing “nuthin’ really.”  Life is too precious to waste.  It’s a gift meant to be unwrapped for the entire time we are on this earth.  It’s not meant to be wasted in one, long, rumpled state of disinterest!

Now, I’m not saying all of us shouldn’t have some down-time once in a while.  But, quality down-time isn’t about doing “nuthin’ really.”  It’s about doing whatever it is we enjoy and cherish as a pastime.  It’s about getting away from the rushed, work-a-day world and creating whatever we want out of the time we have off.  Is it sleeping, reading, golf, skiing, playing a musical instrument, watching TV, being with family, working out, whatever?  None of those have to be “nuthin’ really” activities.

“Nuthin really” is about an attitude of disinterest.  A slovenly, moping, useless, morass of misery brought about by negativity.  “Nuthin'” about that “really” sounds enjoyable.

Pull yourself out of the morass, if you’re one of those “nuthin’ really” people.  “Nuthin’ really” is a state of mind, an attitude, that can be changed just like anything else in our lives.  It takes a self-disciplined flip of the switch in your mind from the negative to the positive.  There is “nuthin’ really” more important for you to do in this life but to start right now to flip that switch.

Come to the bright side of life.  There’s “really nuthin'” more to a dynamic life of fulfillment than that.

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