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Oh…Go Ahead

You know you want to…but, you just can’t quite make yourself do it.  Don’t beat yourself up over that fact.  For many people that is the case.  On the other hand, you’re not just “many people.”  You are unique in the entire world.  You can do anything you want to do.

The problem for you, like so many, is the knee-knocking fear that goes with doing something you’ve never done before.  Which, by the way, is exactly why you should do it.  If you don’t overcome your fears, your life is reduced to a hollow experience of avoidance.  It’s a fact…what you fear…you avoid.

The vision of the unknown is a terrifying scene.  It conjures all sorts of evil, potential consequences.  So, why risk those consequences, right?  On the other hand, all the unknown is is something that is not currently known.  Your terrified vision of it is not what is really known…it’s only thought.  Change your thoughts and you change what is known to you.  You become more of what you can be and experience.

I say again:  Oh…go ahead!  You can do it regardless of what “it” is.  Use the following strategy and you minimize avoiding the potential of your life and begin becoming that potential.


    • Clearly define the unknowns that you fear.


    • Be very specific with your definitions and list all of those unknowns.


    • Don’t judge at this point.  Just brainstorm all the wildest unknowns you can conjure.


    • Now, review each item on your list and be just as specific as to why you fear each one of the unknowns.  (When you know why you fear something, you can begin to clearly define how to overcome that fear.)


    • Take each of your “whys” and research strategies for overcoming them.  Use your best Google search techniques and find ways others have already overcome the fear you are experiencing.


    • Build your plan for overcoming the fears using the ideas you found in your research.


    • Build your action plan for making each of those unknowns of yours a known.  (Now, you have nothing to fear.)


  • One last thing:  Act on your plans!  Oh…go ahead!
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