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Here’s the reality for too many people.  They don’t want it bad enough to get it!  They want life to deliver whatever it is they want on a silver platter.  It’s too hard to work hard for what they want but still want it.  Oh…Really!

Whatever it is that you want inevitably comes with a price.  If you want it bad enough you will pay the price to get it.  If you don’t want it bad enough the price is you won’t get it.  Those are the rules of the game and I don’t see them changing any time soon.  Those rules have been in place from the beginning of humanity and you can see that point etched in the annals of time over and over again.

So, what makes it possible to want something bad enough that you will pay the price to get it.  Two words…your mind.  Your mind sets your limits.  Those limits can be limiting or they can be unlimited.  It’s all in how you think about your life and what you want out of it.

Make your limits in your mind unlimited by changing your thinking as follows:

    • Flip the switch that allows you to truly believe.  (Believe me, you and you alone control that switch.)


    • Don’t think in terms of limits…think in terms of imagination.


    • As you imagine, for those things that are truly important to you, believe what you can imagine you can have.


    • Believe you can become whatever you imagine…there are no limits.


  • Recognize that if you change your thinking as suggested above, even if you don’t truly achieve what you imagine you will have achieved more than you would have ever dreamed.


And, you say to yourself, “Oh…Really!”  And, I say to you, “Oh…Yes!”  Just imagine!

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