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Old Can Be New and New Can Be Old

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0442363Talk about a title to this post that goes around in circles!!  However, it really isn’t my intent to be confusing, repetitive or annoying.  Rather, the intent of the title is to communicate a very important bit of philosophy for becoming successful at anything in life.

People too often in their pursuit of success, as they define it, miss a major point on how to get there.  They get themselves off track too often by not knowing the difference between a principle and a technique.  Let’s take a look at how this all relates to the title of this post.

A principle can be defined as “a truth or general law that is used as a basis for a theory or system of belief.”  In other words, a principle is something that is so fundamental that it is always applicable to a situation regardless of changing circumstances.  It is irrefutable and undeniable.

A technique, on the other hand, can be defined as “a particular way of doing something.”  In other words, a technique may change as situations change, technology evolves or whatever.  A technique is situational and may very well only be temporarily viable.

An example of the difference between the two concepts may be of value here.  I’ll use the general concept of achieving success.  When striving to be successful, one key principle is you must have a clearly defined goal and plan of action for getting there.  One technique for setting well defined goals is the SMART process.  I won’t go into the details of the process here because you can Google “Smart Goals” and develop an understanding, if you find it of interest.  My point for this discussion is there are a myriad of techniques out there for setting well defined goals anyone of which could work in the right set of circumstances.  Additionally, the concept of SMART might be new for you but it is an old concept that has literally been around for years.  In short, new can be old.  However, a new technique may not be right for you or certain circumstances!

By contrast, the principle of defining goals and developing a plan is old but always remains new because it always has to be in place where success is to be achieved.  Defining clear goals and following a clear plan to achieve them is irrefutable and undeniable, if success is to be achieved.

Bottom-line for assuring success…always be certain you are working from a basis of sound principles; never lose sight of them; and adapt your techniques as circumstances change.  That’s an old idea which for some may be new.

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