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b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900442402I checked it out.  The title to this post would seem to be a coined word…Coined, as in an invented word.  In other words, it is not referring to the traditional concept of chronologically advanced life otherwise referred to as old age (two words).  Now, that we have that out of the way, so what?

Well, if you’re not careful you will reach advanced age with a great deal of psychological pain and angst…What I call “oldage” which is a word made up through combining two words:  old and rage.  A life spent living with “oldage” is a life of too much toil and misery.  “Oldage” never allows one to move forward in their life and ultimately achieve a modicum of peace of mind.

Why?  “Oldage” is the carrying of old psychological baggage otherwise known as old rage from past hurts committed by others on you.  Absolutely, we all feel the deep hurt others can inflict on us…that’s normal.  What isn’t normal and can be so damaging to your quality of life is when we carry that “oldage” with us over an extended period of time.

Do these things to dump “oldage” and move on:

  • Accept or reject the hurt immediately

o   Meaning:

  • If you accept it, then immediately confront the offending party and make your case for why you are hurt and move on.
  • If you reject it, then immediately forget it and move on.
  • In both cases, immediately do something appropriate to put a positive spin on your attitude.
  • Generally, never let your rage boil over an extended period of time.It isn’t worth it and it won’t change it!

In short, make up your mind not to let “oldage” negatively impact your old age.

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