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On Your Own

Of course, you may not be alone in your life.  If you don’t have family relationships for companionship, you probably still have friends and acquiantances to keep you company.  For the loners out there in terms of human relationships, there is still the opportunity for a relationship with a pet of one sort or another.

All of that not withstanding, you are still on your own.  You’re on your own with your thoughts, your spiritual side, in managing your health or life’s path, etc.  All the external relationships in the world do not eliminate the fact that we are on our own in so many aspects of our lives.

But, recognize that being on your own doesn’t mean alone.  If you constantly protect the interpersonal relationships in your life, you will never be totally alone.  Even though ultimately you have to make your decisions about each aspect of your life on your own, great relationships can help guide your thinking and give you a sense of peace of mind in making them.

The lesson is living your life should always include building on your current relationships and creating new ones.  Doing so will help you not be alone even though you’re on your own.

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