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One More Is One Less

It’s amazing to me the number of people who go through their lives just floating along.  They seem totally oblivious to how precious time is.  It’s like they think time is unlimited.  They seem to think there is a guarantee that tomorrow and all the tomorrows after that will come.

I just want to shake those kind of people!  Come on!  Get with it!

As they say, life is not a dress rehearsal .  We’ve got one chance to get it all done and done right.  The fact is every day you don’t get better at what you do and how you think is one less day you have to maximize your potential.  In short, one more is one less.

Less is not good in this regard.  We have 86,400 seconds in each of the days in our lives.  None of those seconds are guaranteed.  What is guaranteed is if you don’t use each one to their maximum potential they are gone forever.

One less is forever!  Think about it only for a second and then do something, from now and forever, toward your self actualization.

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