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One More Time

You’ve heard it a million times in your life.  People saying things like:  “Give it one more shot!”  “Play it again, Sam.”(Same idea, you know)  “Just try it one more time.”  I’ll bet you could come up with at least ten more examples of things that you’ve heard people say that embody the same thought.

Why do you think that’s the case?   Could it be that it’s because the thought or philosophy has been proven to work over centuries of application and practice.  Work…in the sense that not stopping but doing something one more time resulted in success.

When you stop, you’re done.  There is no more.  There is no “one more time.”  You’ve stopped!  There can’t be one more time!  When there is no “one more time” there is no chance.

There’s the old adage:  “Try, try again.”  An adage is something people accept as true.  Enough said?

Give yourself “one more time” in all that you do.  When you come to what you think is the end of your rope, try, try again.  You will inevitably have more of what you want and less anxiety about wanting more.

Read this post one more time and then act on what inspires you.

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