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One, Two, Three

When it comes to maximizing your success it’s as simple and complex as one, two, three.  How so, you ask. Well, one way to look at what it takes to be a success is to concentrate on three areas.  They are: Knowledge, Skills and Effort.

First, let’s look at the importance of knowledge in determining the level of your success.  If you don’t know what to do, how can you possibly be successful at it?  In other words, every opportunity to achieve success comes with the price of learning all you can about what it is you have to do to be a success.

Some examples of what I mean might help.  If you are going to be successful at skiing, you have to know what equipment you need; the techniques for fitting and using the equipment; the different conditions required for skiing; and then, apply that knowledge to the actual practice of skiing.

Another example might be learning what is the best computer software to do a particular task.  If you’re going to be successful in this endeavor, you have to know what all the steps to completing the task might be.  Knowing those steps you could then do the research to gain the knowledge as to which software would be best applied to the task.

So, the knowledge factor in achieving success is all about knowing what has to be done.

The skills factor is the “How” of what has to be done.  In skiing, that would mean practicing all aspects of fitting and using the equipment in various skiing conditions.  As with knowledge, skills have to be constantly honed if one has any chance of progressing toward and ultimately maintaining a successful state.

Knowledge and skills, as they relate to success, are totally irrelevant if you don’t have the passion to acquire and use them.  In short, success at anything will never happen without consistent and concentrated effort.  Lots of people know what to do to be successful and how to apply that knowledge but are unwilling to put forth the necessary effort.  Having knowledge and skills and not using them is just as likely to result in failure as not having the knowledge and skills in the first place.

So, if you want to be a success at whatever.  Think: 1.  Knowledge; 2.  Skills;  3.  Effort.  It’s as simple and complex as that.

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