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One’s More Important than the Other

You know the type of person I’m talking about.  They’re the kind that is all talk and no action.  They’re the personification of the wonderful bit of Texas philosophy:  “Big Hat.  No Cattle.”

I’ll bet you can put at least one name to a person you know right now that fits the description above.  Hopefully, that person is not you!!!

But…The point is taking action is always more important than the words you use to describe what action you plan to take.  It isn’t the words you use in that case that will make the dramatic difference in your life.  It will always be the actions you take.

Here’s a suggestion for avoiding a wordy malaise and becoming more action oriented.

    1. Dream big and emotionally deep.  It’s the emotion that will drive you toward your dream.


    1. Bring the dream into clear focus by developing a step-by-step action plan for achieving the dream.  A dream without a plan is only a wish.  Wishes don’t come true.  Only emotionally powerful dreams come true.


    1. Act on the first step of your plan.  Don’t get held back by the overwhelming number of steps to reach your dream.  No plan happens in one giant leap because most people can’t make a giant leap.  But, they can make a small step forward.  Successive small steps create a path to big dreams!


    1. Constantly evaluate your progress and adjust course as needed.

Hopefully, now, the right one has become more important than the other to you.

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