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Only Temporary Points of Respite to Potential

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900385643There’s nothing like the comforting warmth of a roaring fire in the fireplace on a winter’s day.  There’s nothing like the comfort of returning to your childhood home for a family reunion.  Or, for feeling comfort, how about settling down to watch a good movie on TV with a loved one and a big bowl of hot buttered popcorn?  Comforting thoughts?  You bet!

But, most of life isn’t filled with comfortable situations or comforting thoughts.  The richest of lives are spent with comfort being a temporary point of respite and discomfort being the norm.  The fact is with discomfort comes the realization of one’s potential.  Comfort reinforces one’s sense of security or well-being but if felt to the excess limits one’s potential.

Realizing potential is always about taking action not resisting change or craving the security of comfort.  Taking calculated risks and, therefore stepping out of one’s comfort zone is the price of realizing your full potential.

It should be a comforting thought to know you are always the one in control of the characteristics of your comfort zone.  By that I mean, if you like the feeling of being in your comfort zone and, yet, want to realize your full potential you can expand your comfort zone in breadth and depth.  Doing so allows you the best of both worlds.

From this day forward, be conscious of what are the characteristics of your life when you are within your current comfort zone.  Compare those characteristics with what would need to change to take the next step toward realizing your potential.  Pick one change and practice it until it is a new characteristic that fits within your newly defined comfort zone.  Become comfortable in repeating the process throughout your life and you will realize your full potential.

That should be a comforting thought!

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