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Many people have a self-defeating attitude about personal development.  On the one hand they know that learning brings about change.  On the other hand, they resist change.  They know that some people have overcome enormous obstacles to become great but they can’t imagine it happening to them.  How about you?  Which side are you on when it comes to your personal development?

I believe to enjoy life to the  fullest each of us has to be willing to make the effort to create options rather than live in the status quo.  I further believe to create those options requires us to come down on the positive side of the above noted contradictions regarding personal development.  To do that requires a willingness for each of us to want to exercise the option of lifelong learning.

There is no such thing as the status quo in life.  Life is constantly moving…changing…surprising all of us.  That’s the way it is.  And, to deal with it requires each of us to have an appropriate array of options that are suitable for our individual circumstances.  I ask you:  How can you have options, if you haven’t developed a knowledge base from which you can create them?  If you don’t know anything, you can’t do anything!

Options are all about having a choice in dealing with changing circumstances in life.  If it is inevitable that your life will experience change and surprises, doesn’t an array of options to deal with those circumstances make sense?  If so, your only option is to constantly be learning new things throughout your life that allows you to develop the full potential of that life.

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