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Origin of What?

Everybody wants to know the origin of this or the origin of that.  It never stops even when a particular origin is identified and confirmed.  Why is that?  I believe it’s because we human beings are explorers.  We pursue resolution not confusion.

Take the topic of space or the universe as an example.  In the early 1600’s the first primitive telescope took us deeper into the unknown of space than we had ever been.  That event began to ask new questions that deeply challenged old beliefs whether those beliefs were based on religion or science.  The challenge was dealing with the angst and discord created by the new revelations.

So, somebody said we need to know more…we need resolution not confusion.  Solution–a series of scientific breakthroughs on the design of telescopes that continues today and will bring even more powerful devices in the future.  And, why does this evolution of telescope technology continue?  The simple answer is with every new answer that has been gained in our understanding of the origins of the universe new questions arise.  An example would be just a few decades ago science would suggest the expansion of the universe was slowing down.  But, today the newest technology is suggesting the expansion is actually speeding up.  No resolution there!

And, what is true about searching for the origin of the universe is true about all aspects of life, in general.

The point is that none of us should spend our lives in frustration when recognizing the fact that finding one origin develops the seeds to the origin of something even deeper.  Rather we should look at ourselves as explorers never presuming the end of one search will be the end of all searches.  Life is about searching and reaching over and over again.  The ultimate resolution being the end of one life’s search which serves as the foundation for the search of a succeeding life.

So, the “origin of what” is only answered by the evolution of thought in perpetuity.

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