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ot Any Change?

The title of this post suggests a familiar phrase when looking for some coins for a parking meter or changing of the guard at a palace somewhere.  However, I pose the question for a different reason.

Let’s get real.  If you haven’t figured it out yet, the world is changing.  Furthermore, how you deal with the world has to change, if you’re going to realize the success in it that you desire.  The world is not your oyster as the old saying goes.  Even oysters require opening before you can enjoy the fruit of your labor.

In the past, maybe…just maybe…you could limp along with mediocre effort and do pretty well.  I believe those days are over.  It, now, requires a much more dedicated effort to succeed in the current environment.

That said, the admission price to a bright future is change, NOW!  You’ve got to take a personal inventory .  Keep what’s good about you and immediately jettison your weaknesses.  If you don’t, no one else will.  You are responsible for you.  Not your childhood.  Not your lack of education.  Not your divorce.  Not the kids; the wife; the husband; the father; the mother!  YOU!

There is no reason not to change, if that can get you what you really want.  That’s assuming you can give a positive answer to the question, Got any change?

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