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Outside In

Do you know what an oxymoron is?  It’s such a funny sounding word and, yet, it is a word the meaning of which can have a powerful impact.  That being the case let’s define the word’s meaning so we can proceed with clarity.  Oxymoron as defined in the Pocket Oxford English Dictionary:  “a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear together.”

Thus, my point.  The title of this post is a good example of an oxymoron.  How can outside be in or in be outside?  Yup…we have two apparently contradictory terms appearing together.  Now, that clarified, so what?

Well, here’s what.  If you only think outside the box, you’ll never understand that which is in the box.  To understand what’s in the box you have to truly get inside it.  If you haven’t been inside the box, you have no basis of understanding for being able to think outside of it.

A funny thing happened on your way to success.  You lost sight of you while searching for it.  You can’t have it (success) until you have a clear understanding of what is internally motivating you toward it.

Maybe an expert’s view will help put things into succinct perspective.  The Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist Carl Jung was one of the major forces responsible for bringing psychological (having to do with the mind and its processes) thought and its theories into the twentieth century.

On the point of the subject of this post he said:  “Who looks outside, dreams;  who looks inside, awakes.”

Yes, dream big dreams on the outside but look inward to awaken them into reality.

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