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Outside The Box

Here’s the point.  If you want to feel true joy and exhilaration in your life you must do as the title of this post says.

However, in this instance when I refer to the box, I’m referencing you and your self-interests.  You can’t have all you can have when you only want for you.  An internal focus is the least likely way to feel the ultimate fulfillment of joy in your life.  It just can’t be done that way.

You want proof?  Well…when were those moments in your life where you felt the greatest, uninhibited, totally fulfilling joy and exhilaration?  My bet is it was moments when you impacted somebody in a totally unselfish way.  Sure you can feel joy when you achieve something you’ve always wanted but that’s a very temporary feeling.  Those feelings don’t truly stay with you through a lifetime.  But, those joyful moments born of your unselfish act are watershed events that live with you always.  Why?  Because those who received the benefits of your unselfish act will remind you forever.

You’ve got to get outside your little box to experience a lifetime of joy and exhilaration!

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